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You're Amazing! - by Robyn Opie Parnell

You're Amazing!The Law of Attraction for Young People (And the Young at Heart)

Robyn Opie Parnell calls upon her life experience to speak to children and
the young at heart about incorporating the Law of Attraction into our lives.

Robyn was has written over 85 bestselling books for children on all kinds of
topics. You're Amazing is the first one that deals with how to create a better
life for everyone, using only our minds to adjust our thinking.

This book has all the hallmarks of a bestseller - and will be released into
bookstores later this year.

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About the Author:

Robyn Opie Parnell
Robyn Opie Parnell is the author of more than 85 published children's books. She
has been writing for children for over 10 years; most of her books are sold around
the world and many have been translated into foreign languages. You're Amazing is
her first non-fiction release through the R & R publishing imprint of Magellan Books.

Learn How to Use the Law of Attraction to Improve Your Life,

No Matter How Old You Are!

               * Are your children often ungrateful and / or seem dissatisfied with their lot?

               * Do your teenagers frequently get surly, rude and unco-operative?

               * Do you ever despair of the way kids are these days?

               * Ever wished they - and you - had a surefire manual to a healthy, happy and successful life?

Then look no further than "You're Amazing!"

Contents Of You're Amazing!


The introduction presents the law of attraction, how it has changed my life and how readers can use the information in this book to change their own lives.

Chapter 1 - The Most Amazing Thing

This chapter discusses life - the most amazing thing that will ever happen to us. It encourages an appreciation of life, our bodies and the miraculous brain.

Chapter 2 - Life & Nature

This chapter reflects on our environment and expands on life as the most amazing thing.

Chapter 3 - Some Forces of Nature

This chapter briefly explains the science of gravity, magnetism, cause and effect, and energy as an introduction to the forces of the Universe and the law of attraction.

Chapter 4 - The Law of Attraction

This chapter builds on the science of the previous chapter and explains the law of attraction as a natural law of the Universe. Subheadings include: What is the Law of Attraction and An Example of the Law of Attraction.

Chapter 5 - Thoughts

This chapter involves an explanation of thoughts and relates back to the scientific laws outlined in previous chapters, with the subheadings: Thoughts are Energy and Thoughts in Action.

Chapter 6 - Positive and Negative Thoughts

This chapter explains the two types of thoughts, positive and negative, and how they affect our lives. Includes subheadings: Good and Bad Karma, Self-Talk, and You Can't Think One Thing and Do the Opposite.

Chapter 7 - Feelings, Positive or Negative

This chapter explains how our thoughts create our feelings, either positive or negative. Subheadings include: There are Only Two Types of Emotions and Like Attracts Like.

Chapter 8 - You Control Your Thoughts and Feelings

This chapter explains how we control our thoughts and therefore our lives. Subheadings include: Everyone Makes Mistakes, You Can't Control Other People and Newsflash - Don't Take Things Personally.

Chapter 9 - What You Believe

This chapter looks at beliefs, how we develop our beliefs during childhood and how they affect our entire lives. Subheadings include: How We Create Beliefs, Rational Beliefs and Irrational Beliefs, Our Beliefs about Vanity and Problems are Opportunities in Disguise.

Chapter 10 - The Conscious and Subconscious Minds

This chapter explains the mind and includes: The Conscious Mind, The Subconscious Mind, and The Conscious and Subconscious Working Together.

Chapter 11 - Creating Habits

This chapter continues with the mind and how we create habits. Subheadings include: Repetition and the Subconscious and Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind.

Chapter 12 - The Power of You

This chapter takes all of the information already discussed in this book and encourages readers to believe in their power to create the best possible life, with subheadings: You'll Never Be Published, Past, Present and Future, and Another Hint About Thoughts.

Chapter 13 - Relationships and Other People

This chapter builds and expands on earlier discussions of relationships and other people, and includes subheadings: Don't Rely on Other People to Make You Happy, Don't Try to Please Other People and Other People's Motivation.

Chapter 14 - Goals and Goal-setting

This chapter explains goals and goal-setting, with subheadings: Creating Goals, Writing Down Your Goals, and Taking Action to Achieve Your Goals.

Chapter 15 - Your Miracle Life

This chapter is a final summation of the information in this book. Subheadings include: Nature Is Not Perfect, Letting Go and Freeing Ourselves, and Gratitude.

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